Should President Obama take Bob’s advice and delay ObamaCare for 6 months or a year?

October 21, 2013 / Written By The Five staff


·         POTUS speaking about Obamacare this AM from Rose Garden.  Presumably- he’s going to address the disastrous rollout but also try to convince America that it’s still going to be great because he’ll be surrounded by people who have benefited from the legislation.

·         Which Obama should we believe? The Obama who said critics were wrong just before the launch, the Obama who said the problems were just glitches or the Obama today where he was will presumably express frustration and disappointment.  We’ll put together sound of the conflicting messages.

·         Should President Obama take Bob’s advice and delay for 6 months or a year?

News on Obamacare launch:

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·         @charlescwcooke: Basically every single Obamacare promise has been broken. Once again, here are those promises: [LINK]