• VAN SUSTEREN: All right. You know, one of the other things the president talked about last night was civility and how we treat each other. And then sort of the -- you know, we teased Congress last night, the date night. I even teased Leader Pelosi when she was on the air last night, who was her date and everything. Are we being -- are we moving towards an era of more civility, where we even treat politicians with a sense of fairness and decency, or was that just last night?



    PALIN: Oh, I watched that whole date night thing, the musical chairs orchestration last night, a little bit perplexed, wondering, you know, what all that theater was about. I'd rather that there had been more focus on what we believed that the president would say and what actually was said instead of, you know, the whole theatrics involved there. I thought that was a bit odd.

    But healthy debate is important. The right to petition our government vigorously and respectfully is important. And yes, civil, which means civility, it means being well-mannered, that's very important. But we can't underestimate Americans who are very passionate about finding solutions to the problems that we face. And if that involves some healthy, vigorous debate, then allow it to be so.

    VAN SUSTEREN: One quick last question. The media -- are we -- I mean, are we part of the problem? I know that you've been critical of the lamestream media, but are we -- are we challenging and are we asking and inquiring and getting information from our politicians, or are we being mean and nasty and trying to create a lot of trouble for all of you?

    PALIN: Oh, the media is definitely a major part of the problem of the -- there's a problem of incivility in this nation, definitely, because so many in the media, the lamestream media, picking up on what goes viral with lies and innuendo and rumors that are in the blogosphere and elsewhere. For the lamestream media to pick up some of those things and run with it without getting facts, that perpetuates the problem that we have with some negative discourse in this country. So definitely, the media is a big part of the problem, and I certainly would like to see a lot of that changed.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, it would -- it would be nice to see if we can have more discussion. I think that maybe -- maybe we're on to something in politics, in the media, to sort of really go after policy and learn things, or maybe it's just a passing fancy. But I guess time will tell. Governor, thank you.

    PALIN: Thank you. And no, I would like to see a lot of that hypocrisy in the media cleaned up and -- you know, on all sides. That certainly would help in our country. Thank you, Greta.