TV host airbrushes her own belly button in botched Photoshop job

  •  (Central European News)

  •  (Central European News)

A vain TV host has been caught out after fans spotted that she had Photoshopped herself to look more toned — accidentally removing her bellybutton on the process.

Russian television presenter Tina Kandelaki, 41, posted a snap of her working out on her social media account for her 1.4 million followers to admire.

The snapshot shows brunette Tina posing in the gym wearing black leggings and a crop top sports bra, revealing some suspiciously sculpted abs.

But sharp-eyed followers noticed that the star’s belly button — which has always been visible in other snaps — had mysteriously disappeared.

One eagle-eyed follower commented: “Abs appears, belly button disappears.”

Some were kinder, suggesting that the presenter’s leggings might be covering her navel.

But another laughed: “Tina, I can teach you how to use Photoshop! Otherwise it looks hilarious!

“Maybe it is not the belly, but the back!”

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