Teacher paralyzed after falling from cliff trying to escape sex attack in Thailand

A young Queens woman plummeted 150 feet off a cliff in Thailand during a desperate attempt to flee a sexual predator — who continued to molest her even as she lay on the ground after her fall, reports said Tuesday.

Hannah Gavios, 23, is currently undergoing treatment for a severe spinal injury at Bangkok Hospital in Phuket after the frightening Sept. 1 incident.

A relative told The Post on Tuesday that she is partially paralyzed from the waist down, though it is still unclear whether her condition is permanent.

A day after arriving in Thailand, Gavios got lost at Railay Beach in the resort of Krabi and sought help at a local tourist shop. A worker at the store offered to help her get back to her hotel, but instead led her up a pitch-black mountain in the jungle, where he attacked her.

Gavios, who has been teaching English in Vietnam, said she didn’t have a good feeling about the man but relented because she was tired.

“I’d been traveling for 16 hours, so I guess I wasn’t feeling myself,” she explained. “While we were walking, he grabbed me and was holding me down and trying to take off my clothes.”

The horrified woman said she punched the crazed attacker — and even went for his ear.

With her mind set on nothing but getting away, Gavios ran blindly through the thick jungle before accidentally tumbling off the side of the cliff in the darkness.

“It was pitch black and before I knew it, I was in midair falling off a cliff. I was honestly thinking I wouldn’t survive,” she said. “I hit my head a few times and landed with a big bump. I was screaming in pain. It was the most painful thing ever. I felt like a total vegetable. I felt completely vulnerable. I couldn’t move anything.”

To make matters worse, the pursuing monster – identified as 28-year-old Apai Ruengvorn – caught up with her as she lay helpless.

Reungvorn let some time pass before he decided he wasn’t through with Gavios.

“He got on top of me. He took of his pants and masturbated on me,” she recalled. “He didn’t rape me but he did everything else. I really thought I was going to die.”

Gavios said she tried to remain calm and avoid screaming to prevent him from choking her.

Ruengvorn, who has since fessed up to the attack, initially scurried off when it was all over — but his guilty conscious was too much to bear and he later returned with others who took Gavios to the hospital, reports said.

Ruengvorn has been charged with committing obscene behavior toward another person and causing serious injury, according to the Daily Mail.

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