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Israeli soldiers jailed for shooting, killing camel


An Israeli military court sentenced two elite soldiers to prison Tuesday after one was caught on video shooting and killing a camel, local media reported.

The video was recorded from a car driving through a desert in the West Bank in November and soon spread online, The Times of Israel reports. One of the soldiers was seen firing at the camel to the sound of laughter.

The two soldiers reportedly tried to delete the video, but could not do so. They were arrested in December.

The man who fired his gun was sentenced to prison for 4 months and demoted to the rank of private, according to The Jerusalem Post. The soldier who recorded the shooting on his phone reportedly got a 2-month sentence and the same demotion.

“The sentence reflects the severity with which the IDF sees the offense of cruelty to animals, especially when it involves using a military-issued weapons,” Israel Defense Forces responded.