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Renewed severe weather threat to target Ohio Valley, Southeast on Wednesday

Following several rounds of damaging storms early this week, another system will bring the threat of severe weather back to the eastern United States.

“April is the severe weather season for the southern United States and in true fashion there will be a large concern for strong-to-severe thunderstorms developing in the Southeast late Tuesday night and on Wednesday,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Matt Rinde.

These storms could threaten heavily populated areas from the Gulf Coast to the Ohio Valley.

“The concern for these storms will run from southern Mississippi northward to Indiana and eastward to the Carolinas, with the worst of the storms likely from Alabama and northern Florida into Georgia,” said Rinde.

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Warm and humid weather is poised to surge through the Southeast on Tuesday, setting the stage for powerful storms to form.

“Moisture ahead of the storms will come out of the Gulf of Mexico and spread quickly northward, providing the necessary fuel for thunderstorm development,” said Rinde.

While storms will likely continue to contribute to drought relief, torrential downpours over the recently saturated ground could lead to flash flooding.

Motorists should be careful to avoid flooded roadways, and efforts should be made to safeguard basements and other low-lying areas.

Large hail and damaging wind gusts will also be possible in any storms.

“Any vehicles left exposed to these threats can sustain significant damage, so residents in the path of these dangerous storms should be sure to move their vehicles into a garage or protected area,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Kyle Elliott.

Central Georgia, where over 20 tornadoes were reported on Monday, will again be under fire from similarly powerful storms.

Afternoon and evening storms are expected to spark just east of the Mississippi River before trekking eastward.

“There will be a high risk for tornado development in these storms,” said Rinde.

Storms will continue to barrel towards the coast overnight, impacting Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina; Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina; Atlanta and Augusta, Georgia; and Jacksonville, Florida.

Residents of these areas should be prepared for severe overnight weather, including sheltering pets, covering cars and turning weather radios or cell phone alerts to high volumes.

As the wet weather swings into the Northeast for the end of the week, cooler weather will blow into the South.