Michigan woman hides in attic with infant as murder spree suspect kills boyfriend

After hearing her boyfriend shot and killed in their home, the girlfriend of Jamon Thomas sat hiding in the attic with her infant as his alleged killer walked through the house.

The apparent second stop for 27-year-old parolee George Anthony Davis during his deadly crime spree Monday was at his cousin's home on Faust.

"I woke up to gunshots then I heard Jamon saying 'I'm your cousin, I'm your cousin,'" Shatika Yates said.

Davis' 22-year-old cousin Jamon Thomas shared the home with his girlfriend Shatika Yates and their 6-month-old daughter.

"I heard two shots go off. I grabbed my baby and ran upstairs in the attic," she said.


Polices say Davis shot Thomas several times, not long after killing three people at a gas station on Fenkell -- Davis's girlfriend, her father and their neighbor. Yates says she hid in the dark attic with her baby Jordan, as she heard Davis's footsteps coming closer.

"I was saying to myself like please, please, I thought he was going to find me but he didn't," she said.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Yates said she heard Davis leave and she looked out the top window to see Davis drive off in her car. Yates says she called police and ran down to see if her boyfriend of two years was still alive.

jamon thomas

Jamon Thomas was one of the people killed during Davis' deadly crime spree.  (Fox 2 Detroit)

"Jamon was on the floor gasping for air. I kneeled down and said hold on, hold on Jamon," she said.

Watching Jamon take his last breath, Yates says she ran to Rite Aid across the street for safety and called Thomas's family.

Thomas's family told FOX 2 that within the last week, Davis had become increasingly paranoid, questioning the paternity of his own child and hallucinating. They say he even went to his mother's home to kill her but thankfully she wasn't home.

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