New suspect composites released in Washington teen's 1991 cold case murder

Sarah Yarborough of Federal Way, Washington, was 16 years old when she was murdered in 1991.

Will the 1991 murder of a Washington state teenager finally be solved?

New sketches of a suspect in the cold case of 16-year-old victim Sarah Yarborough have been released, Q13 Fox reports.

“That’s the frustrating thing about this case,” Jim Allen, a retired sheriff's detective with the King County Sheriff’s Office, told the station. “It’s been solvable from the beginning. We had witnesses, we had a real tight solid timeline, we had a full DNA profile from the beginning. Thousands of tips, you would have thought the case would have been solved by now.”

The girl's body was found around Federal Way High School, after she had reportedly headed there.

Yarborough drove to the school on a Saturday in December 1991, and had planned to take a 9 a.m. bus from there to another school for a function, the Seattle Times reported. 

New sketches of a suspect in the cold case involving the teenage girl have been released, Q13 reports.

A witness saw her pull her into a back parking lot at 8:10 a.m., according to the report. 

“No one saw her outside of her car,” retired Detective Tom Jensen told the newspaper. “Essentially that’s all we know till about 9:15.”

Sarah's body reportedly was discovered later; she had been strangled. 

“Sarah was kind of the girl next door, everybody could relate to her as a victim,” Allen said. “They could be their sister, their friend, their daughter, so I think the whole community kind of rallied behind this case.”

“It doesn’t get any easier this many years later.”

- Andrew Yarborough

A DNA tech company called Parabon NanoLabs used DNA to make composites of what the suspect could look like in the present day, as well as when he was 25 and 18 years old, the News Tribune reports.

“Was the guy passing through, is he deceased, or we just haven’t got the right person?” Allen asked. “He might be out there; he might be walking around.”

Sarah's brother, Andrew Yarborough, told Q13 Fox, “It doesn’t get any easier this many years later.”