New York cop nearly run over by stunt driver in dramatic video

A New York City police officer who tried to stop a driver from doing stunts in Times Square was sent tumbling to the ground after the car he was standing in front of sped off, nearly running him over, dramatic video footage shows.

The scenes were captured by a skateboarder around midnight Saturday in front of a police department outpost in the busy tourist area.

Video footage shows a black Mercedes-Benz C63 kicking up clouds of smoke before an officer – identified by the New York Post as 26-year-old Ian Wallace – steps in front of the vehicle motioning for the driver to stop, while reaching for his pistol.

Instead of complying, the driver then speeds up as the officer has his hands on the hood, causing the officer to backtrack until he falls over and the car takes off.

The officer and another cop are then filmed running through the street after the car with their guns drawn.

The New York Post, citing law enforcement sources, said Wallace suffered minor injuries to his back, arms, right leg and hip, and was taken to a local hospital.

“He did the right thing,” the source told the newspaper, describing Wallace as a “brave officer.”

“I would have done the same thing,” the source added.

Police have not yet arrested anyone in the incident.