Parolee reportedly makes brief run from justice -- wearing just his briefs

A 41-year-old parolee reportedly made a brief run from justice -- wearing just his briefs.

Hector Calo, wearing only his underwear and with his hands cuffed behind his back, allegedly fled from officials in Staten Island on Thursday, but was discovered by authorities in the Bronx on Friday morning.

Calo had been convicted of second-degree burglary and spent nearly four years in prison before he was released in August 2015 on a 5-year parole.

Officers arrived at Calo's approved residence for a regular check-in Thursday when they said they noticed Calo had violated his parole. Though the exact violation was not immediately disclosed, Calo was reportedly set to be charged with possession of a controlled substance and weapon, in addition to charges related to the escape.


According to a neighbor, Calo has a wife and four children and had been working as a delivery man for a local Chinese restaurant.

“He’s been doing good, this is a shock to all of us,” the neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, told WCBS. “From what I know, he takes care of his kids. His kids love him. His kids play with my kids.”