The mystery over who left behind a sailor’s World War II medals in an old dresser donated to a charity has been solved, according to a report Friday.

Fox 59 Indianapolis reported that the daughter of the sailor said she donated the dresser to Goodwill when her mother moved to Florida and she didn’t realize the medals were in there.

The woman picked up the medals Friday, the station reported.

She is the daughter of Paul John DiModica, a sailor who served on the USS McDougall during World War II. He died in Florida in 2005 at 83, according to a newspaper obituary.

Fox 59 reported earlier that the dresser’s new owners were gathering clues in hopes of discovering the sailor’s identity.

“He loved his country because he served,” Susan Terry told the station. “I don’t know to what extent he served his country, whether he lived or died. I don’t know what his story is, but I sure hope to find out.”

Her husband brought the dresser home this week.

“It’s just, you know, plain Jane, just a little nightstand,” Clay Terry told the station.

The couple found the medals in a plastic bag in the bottom drawer. They Navy awarded the medals to mark service in designated World War II campaigns.

The dresser held other items of sentimental value, including DiModica’s old Social Security card and a photo taken during his Navy days.

The discovery hit home for Susan Terry.

“I was thinking about my dad because he was in the Navy for 22 years and our son’s a Marine,” she told the station.

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