The first of two memorial services will be held Thursday for a San Diego police officer who was shot five times at close range in the driver's seat of his patrol car after his partner approached a man on the street.

Jonathan DeGuzman, 43, died in the shooting July 28, and Officer Wade Irwin, 32, was shot in the throat but was expected to recover.

The first memorial service for DeGuzman, a husband and father of two, will be held at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in the southeast San Diego suburb of Bonita. The second service will be Friday at Shadow Mountain Community Church in the eastern suburb of El Cajon, followed by a burial. Both ceremonies are open to the public.

Jesse Gomez, a construction worker with a criminal record stretching back to 1983, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of murder and attempted murder from his hospital room. He is recovering from wounds he received in a gunbattle with police.

Prosecutors say the two officers pulled up to Gomez, who was on foot, and Irwin got out of the patrol car to ask if he lived in the area. Gomez, 52, is accused of shooting Irwin and then opening the passenger door and firing several times into the car, killing DeGuzman. After being shot, Irwin fired back as Gomez fled, prosecutors say.

Police have yet to determine a motive.

DeGuzman died 13 years after surviving a stabbing on duty, for which he received the department's purple heart. The 16-year veteran of the force had been stabbed in the right arm in 2003 after pulling over a driver for speeding. He shot the attacker in the hip after the man tried to stab him again.

In 2013, DeGuzman was one of five officers who shot and killed a man who was wanted for a violent attack on his father and raised a shotgun at officers in suburban Escondido. Prosecutors found the shooting was justified.