A Michigan man was arrested Wednesday after police said a friend of his from grade school was found wrapped and tucked away in an attic near the man’s bedroom, The Detroit Free Press reported.

Jessica Leigh White, 21, had been missing for more than a week. The suspect, 23-year-old Jordan McClanahan, reportedly had been helping the family in their search.

White was last seen on April 23 in the town of Troy. The report said she text messaged her mother that she was over at a friend’s house, and that her friend was arguing with his father. 

The suspect's father, Michael McClanahan, confirmed there was an argument. He said his son had dropped the father's phone, breaking it. "I chewed him out, and she just happened to be here."

The suspect allegedly admitted that he was responsible for the woman’s death.

Police had visited his home before. Hazel Park Police Chief Martin Barner said other relatives had no idea the body was in the attic, in a storage area.