Police said Tuesday that someone wired a house in a Boston suburb to explode when a certain light switch was turned on. 

The Boston Police Department's bomb squad successfully disarmed the device found at the home in Milton late Tuesday. No injuries were reported. 

Milton Police Chief Richard Wells Jr. told the Patriot Ledger of Quincy that the bomb squad was alerted by an electrician who was examining the house along with an attorney for the property's owner. Wells said the electrician noticed a patched-up wall section in the closet of an upstairs bedroom. When the bomb squad opened the wall, they found two-gallon jug what Wells described as "liquid accelerant", possibly gasoline, hard-wired to the switch. 

Wells said that someone also rigged a so-called "electrical spark" inside the house, designed to set fire to the rafters inside the house before eventually igniting the container.

"It was as simple as flicking a switch," Wells told the paper. "You could tell someone put a little planning into it."

The property has been owned by Lindell Williams since July 1993, according to online records. Wells said the power in the house was off because the property is for sale and the building didn't pass an inspection. 

Williams said he believes the renters who just moved out are responsible, adding that he had contacted police last week claiming that the renters put cement in the drains.

Wells said investigators were looking into "persons of interest", but declined to provide further details. 

One neighbor told the Patriot Ledger that she'd never noticed any comings or goings from the house in the five years she's lived on the street. She and others said the home has had a "For Sale" sign in front of it for years.

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