Investigators: Texas nurse's drowning death likely murder, not accidental


ms150  (Crime Stoppers)

A Texas nurse who appeared to have drowned in her backyard pool last year was probably murdered in a staged accident, investigators say.

A $30,000 reward has been offered by Crime Stoppers of Houston for information leading to an arrest in the death of Edith Sax, who was found floating face down and fully-clothed in her swimming pool on April 25, 2014.

Investigators initially ruled Sax's death accidental until recently when Sax’s family pushed Houston Police Department to consider information that suggested foul play, the Houston Chronicle reported.

“Someone went through great lengths in this case, we believe, to stage an accidental drowning,” said Vashawnda McLean, the lead investigator in the case, at a press conference Thursday. “It is clear that the person or persons involved had an intimate relationship with Edith Sax, that they knew intricacies concerning the home and her schedule.”

McLean’s partner in the case, Myron Dillingham, said injuries on Sax’s body led investigators to conclude that she was forced underwater. He added that Sax was an avid swimmer who could not have drowned in the pool's 5-feet-deep water where her body was found, according to the Chronicle.

Dillingham said he suspects the killers were after the millions of dollars left in Sax’s will, and might be named in the will themselves.

The family of Sax, including her husband and daughters, also attended the press conference.

“She didn’t deserve this, and we didn’t deserve this in the family,” said Sax’s oldest daughter, Natasha Rafiq. “We’re lost and we are seeking justice for our mother.”

According to the Chronicle, Sax was a nurse practitioner who started her own business providing home care to the elderly.

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