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California hunter loses leg after accidentally shooting self as black bear charged

A California hunter lost his leg after accidentally shooting himself Saturday when a black bear charged at him, reported.

The hunter was not identified, but the station reported that he was hunting with a group of friends in El Dorado County. The group was hunting for black bears.

They spotted one and chased it into a tree. After one man discharged a round, the bear charged at another, who responded by grabbing his .44-caliber handgun. He misfired and shot his own leg. Another hunter was able to fatally shoot the bear.

A medical helicopter flew the injured man to Sutter Roseville Medical Center in Roseville, Calif., which is just outside Sacramento. Doctors tried to save his leg, but were forced to amputate it from the knee down.

The injured man spoke with Fox40 at his bedside on Tuesday. He said he wanted to put this accident behind him, and that he is grateful for the love and support from his family.

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