Airline travel just got a little less kitchy.  

SkyMall, that’s well thumbed-through on-board magazine that saved you from in-flight boredom, has filed for bankruptcy

Xhibit Corp, the company behind the catalog that features odd and sometimes useless gadgets, indicated in filings that new technology, in-flight WiFi, and sites like Amazon have crippled its progress.

The company suspended the magazine and fired 47 employees Jan. 16 and listed as much as $50 million in liabilities, with as much as $10 million in assets.

Its biggest creditors are airlines. The company owes American Airlines $1.6 million, Delta Air Lines $1.5 million, Southwest Airlines $400,000 and United Airlines $300,000. It also has debts with UPS, specialty retailer Hammacher Schlemmer and American Express.

The website is still up—for now –with a note to consumers reading: “There are changes in the air, but we're still here! Place your order today.”  

We never bought anything from SkyMall, but have to admit were tempted during those long tarmac delays.

Here are of the things we wished we could have bought, but now never will.