When it comes to billionaire toys, it’s nice to get as close as you can to superhero status.   

The megayacht called the Xhibitionist is the Batmobile –but for the high seas.  But you better have deep pockets like Bruce Wayne.[image]

Built by Swedish-based car designer Eduard Gray of Gray Design, the luxury yacht will cost you a cool $25 million. [image]

Its striking hull, complete with sports car lines, features a low stern that sits closer to the lapping water and a sleek front deck with built-in solar panels which slide out from beneath the yacht’s deck that can be used to power the ship and act as a helipad and concert space.  On top, is a Jacuzzi and plenty of space where guests can relax take in the views.[image]

Down below, the interior has an art nouveau design with shiny monochrome furnishings, room to sleep 8 guests and ample space to showroom a fleet of sports cars.   At the bow is an above-water viewing window set in a secluded alcove that provides views of aquatic life.[image]

The engines, instead of hidden away, are housed behind the glass walls are plainly visible, and allows easy access for maintenance.  It even has its own matching sports car for those onshore errands, like saving mankind.

Now, if it could just fly.

[youtube Q6N0KfObmA8]