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Extreme sport alert: Rope jumping is bungee without the bounce

YouTube/Dream Jump Highest jumps in the World

 (YouTube/Dream Jump Highest jumps in the World)

Many people don’t even like standing near the edge of a cliff, let alone jumping off one.

But a new extreme sport combines the thrill of rock climbing, bungee jumping and sky diving into one terrifying ride.

Pioneered by a European group known as Dream Walkers, rope jumping is exactly what it sounds like. Participants are hooked up to a nylon rope, then jump from cliffs to sandy beaches below. Since the rope has no bounce, jumpers slow down as they free fall to earth.

A single rope can actually take months to set up due to the complex system of ropes, bolts and pulleys used.

So far the group has mostly been jumping from  limestone cliffs of Navagio Beach on the Greek island of Zakynthos but have plans to complete rope jumps in 80 of the world’s most well known spots including the Grand Canyon, Velebit Mountains in Croatia and skyscrapers in cities like Las Vegas.

Curious about the sport? Dream Walkers is encouraging others to join in through their “Jump With Us” initiative. Travelers can follow the team on their website and sign up for the next excursion.

Check out the dare devil jumpers in action.

[youtube h-MXvc5u8oY]