Bad week for San Diego fans continues as Hoffman falls short of Hall of Fame

It's been a rough week for San Diego sports fans.

Just last week Chargers fans found out that their beloved football team of 56 years was leaving San Diego for Los Angeles via a Twitter change and a letter. Now one of their most beloved baseball players will have to wait another year to see if he'll make it into baseball's Hall of Fame.

The Baseball Writers' Association of America elected Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines and Ivan Rodriguez to baseball's Hall of Fame on Wednesday, while San Diego Padres closer Trevor Hoffman fell just five votes shy of joining them. The news irked many Padres fans and even local media, as Hoffman's statistics all but prove he belongs.

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Hoffman holds the National League saves record with 601, which is second all-time to Yankees legend Mariano Rivera. Hoffman was also a seven-time MLB All-Star during his career.

But Hoffman handled the news like the professional that he is, tweeting out a congratulations to his colleagues that made it.

I first want to send a very heartfelt congratulations to Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines & Ivan Rodriguez. All three men exemplify what it means...

— Trevor Hoffman (@THoffman51) January 19, 2017

To be a Hall of Famer in our game. For me, falling short of this class is disappointing, but I don't take being on the ballot lightly...

— Trevor Hoffman (@THoffman51) January 19, 2017

I'm grateful for every vote and I'm truly humbled to have come so close...

— Trevor Hoffman (@THoffman51) January 19, 2017

I hope to one day soon share a Hall of Fame celebration with my family, friends, teammates and all of San Diego.

— Trevor Hoffman (@THoffman51) January 19, 2017

Check out some of the reactions from media and fans below.

I am so disappointed for Trevor Hoffman. He did it right. He did it for a long time. He did it like no one else ever had. #HofFWorthy

— Bill Center (@PadresCentral) January 18, 2017

There's no doubt you're a Hall of Famer, @THoffman51. You are a San Diego legend -- and the game's best closer, period.

— Kevin Faulconer (@Kevin_Faulconer) January 18, 2017

@THoffman51 This one hurts. Absolutely ludicrous that you didn't get in. 1% shy, but 100% HOF'er in my book! #friarfaithful #lovettrevor

— Mark Grant (@Mudcat55) January 18, 2017

To all the writers who voted for Trevor Hoffman last year but NOT this year: give up your HOF vote. You don't deserve it. #BaseballHOF

— Derek Togerson (@DerekNBCSD) January 18, 2017

Bummed Trevor Hoffman didn't get in this year. He deserves to be there. #MLBhalloffame

— Heidi Watney (@HeidiWatney) January 18, 2017

HOFFMAN missed by 5 votes!!! FWORD!!!

— Mike Costa (@costa1360) January 18, 2017

Hoffman missed out by one percent (five votes). The last player to do so (Biggio) was inducted easily the following year.

— AJ Cassavell (@AJCassavell) January 18, 2017

Honestly shocked that #TrevorHoffman was not voted into the #HOF2017 class. If he was a Yankee he wouldve. San Diego sports gets no respect

— Phil Johnston (@JahPhilMe) January 19, 2017

@THoffman51 @BillShaikin you will get there. In all due time, just like the 9th inning. Just have to wait it out

— NV_Cane (@Planeta21) January 19, 2017

But also though, how did Trevor Hoffman not get in? I'd like to see the 5 people that didn't vote for him hit his fastball. #HOF2017

— Logan Burns (@Lburns_3) January 19, 2017

@THoffman51 we'll get in soon! Thanks for your loyalty over the years. We can't wait to celebrate your induction next year!

— Daniel Ocean (@the_fake_danny) January 19, 2017

It should be noted that Hoffman is very likely to be elected to the Hall of Fame in 2018, when the BBWAA votes again.