Florida State football gets 'state championship' rings for beating Florida and Miami

Over the past few years, few college programs have been as successful as Jimbo Fisher's Florida State Seminoles. In the past five seasons alone, the 'Noles have won a national championship, played in the college football playoff, won three ACC titles and produced a Heisman Trophy winner. Not too shabby, right?

But as exciting as those past few seasons have been, 2015 was undoubtedly somewhat of a disappointment. With three losses and no ACC title there wasn't all that much to celebrate in last season in Tallahassee ... or was there?

The answer apparently is yes, since over the weekend we learned that Florida State gave players "state championship" rings to celebrate wins over Florida, Miami and South Florida. Heck, who needs wins over actual, legitimate title contenders (like conference rival Clemson), when when you've got wins over your local peers, right?

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That's apparently the thinking at Florida State, and while we've got to admit that this seems like a bit of a weird thing to do, there are a couple things to consider here. One, it's a good way to poke your rivals, and two, just about everyone believes that the best football in the country is played in Florida (or Texas). So beating your two biggest rivals in a football-mad state has to mean something, right?

OK, we're stretching here. Either way, enjoy the rings, fellas.

We have no doubt that 'Canes and Gators fans might have something to say about this.