Just over 12 hours after the Cavaliers were crowned NBA champs, their plane arrived home in Cleveland and was greeted by a crowd of thousands.

But LeBron James, who resides about 25 minutes outside the city limits in Bath, Ohio, received a more personal welcome home.

After fulfilling his promise to win a championship for Northeast Ohio, hundreds of fans showed their support for the hometown hero by lining the streets outside James' home.

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Fans gather outside LeBron James' house https://t.co/cSYk1jxxH1 pic.twitter.com/ui8Fu1dUSv

— WKYC Channel 3 News (@wkyc) June 20, 2016

A lot of Support for LeBron outside of his house! @wkyc #3Cavs pic.twitter.com/oJspBqR4GH


On Idlebrook in Akron near Lebron's house, fans are lining the road, ready to welcome their champ home pic.twitter.com/SzF5cKvLht

— Emily Bamforth (@EmilyMBamforth) June 20, 2016

@DustinFox37 @AdamtheBullFAN Street near Lebron's house. They're handing out free tshirts and people are waiting. pic.twitter.com/fsIHDGeulU

— Alex Y. (@alexy121) June 20, 2016

My mom is actually hanging around outside Lebron's house in Akron right now. pic.twitter.com/tkZ1kKYcmo

— Jonathan Cohen (@brainofjoacohen) June 20, 2016

Crowd in front of LeBron's house pic.twitter.com/6malqNQbiV

— Jay (@_Jayy9_) June 20, 2016

When James arrived home, he opened the door of his vehicle and addressed the crowd waiting outside and reminded them of one small thing:

Now a three-time NBA champ and three-time Finals MVP, LeBron has transcended into one of the best players in NBA history. But according to James, he's still "just a kid from Akron, Ohio."