Like any good Ohio State coach, Urban Meyer doesn't tolerate the color blue being anywhere near his Buckeyes. It can't be on a poster or a napkin or even the slighest splash across a shirt. Blue is the color of archenemy Michigan, and he just can't have that.

Meyer takes this so seriously that he's been known to kick Ohio State students out of open scrimmages for wearing any shade of blue.

Well, this week Meyer finally did allow blue to be present at Ohio State practices.

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With it being Memorial Day weekend, the Buckeyes held "Patriot Week" in which they learned about the military and honored the men and women who serve America.

Since the red, white and blue represents America, Meyer chilled out on the color ban -- for ONE practice (via ESPN):

They also, of course, mixed in some offseason conditioning. But even that took on a different flavor this week, with workouts started by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance -- and the color blue temporarily being allowed for the final intense session Friday morning.

"Just for this week," Ohio State player development director Ryan Stamper joked. "If you have red and white with it, then you can wear blue."

As of Friday afternoon, Columbus, Ohio, has not actually combusted.

The coolest part of Patriot Week, says offensive lineman Pat Elflein, was listening to a SEAL talk and writing letters to the families of fallen soldiers:

"Just having someone of that stature, a Navy SEAL, the elite of the elite, it was just incredible to listen to and I wanted to take everything I could from him," Elflein said. "We're writing letters to fallen soldiers, and having somebody's picture and his bio right in front of you and writing to his family, that puts it into perspective what Memorial Day is all about."