In the social media age, many people mark their baby's growth over the first year of life with monthly photos in decorative onesie. Some even pose babies next to the same stuffed animal each month to show how much the baby grew. But Pittsburgh Penguins forward Nick Bonino has a unique twist on that trend.

He is marking the Penguins' progress through the playoffs with photos of his newborn daughter, Maisie. The little girl was born on January 5, and by April, she was ready to assist her dad with playoff coverage. This was Maisie on April 2 when the Penguins clinched a playoff spot.

Pens clinch a playoff spot and Maze is pumped!

— Nick Bonino (@NickBonino) April 2, 2016

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Three weeks later, the Penguins topped their first-round opponent, the New York Rangers, and Maisie celebrated by rocking a Penguins outfit.

Great series. Excited to keep playing. Maze is excited to keep wearing Penguins baby swag. #gopens

— Nick Bonino (@NickBonino) April 24, 2016

By the time the Penguins beat the Washington Capitals in the second round of the postseason, Maisie celebrated her four-month birthday and was ready to attempt to befriend a Penguin, although she seemed skeptical of the animal at the time.

Great series. Excited to keep playing. Maisie isn't sure about Penguins right now, but she'll figure it out. #gopens

— Nick Bonino (@NickBonino) May 11, 2016

It took just two weeks for Maisie to realize penguins are alright after all. Meanwhile, her dad and his Pittsburgh teammates beat out the Tampa Bay Lightning to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Great series. Excited to keep playing. Maze figured out penguins, they're cool. Wrong cup though, right idea #gopens

— Nick Bonino (@NickBonino) May 27, 2016

Should the Penguins win the Cup, it seems like Maisie is destined to become one of the many babies through the years who has been propped up inside of the Cup for a parent-pleasing photo. But win or lose, these photos should make for a unique baby book.