Odell Beckham Jr. has some power in this upcoming Pro Bowl.

Beckham was selected by Jerry Rice as his team's Pro Bowl captain. Beckham will help Rice and former Pro Bowl safety Eric Davis select their Pro Bowl team.

Who should be Beckham's first choice? Well, he'd be wise to pick his quarterback.

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When Eli Manning, who will be making his fourth Pro Bowl appearance, was asked about the importance of getting picked by Beckham, he made it very clear just how important Beckham's decision will be.

Eli Manning: "I told Odell, 'Don't feel any pressure to draft me, but if you don't draft me, don't expect to catch any balls next year" #NYG

— Art Stapleton (@art_stapleton) January 27, 2016

Yikes. You better select him, Beckham.

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