It's not often that a defensive player likes an opposing quarterback. Former NFL linebacker Bart Scott is no exception.

After spending 11 seasons in the league -- all in the AFC -- Scott became very familiar with one quarterback in particular: Tom Brady. The Ravens and Jets, Scott's former teams, squared off with the Patriots often throughout his career, so he saw Brady fairly often.

While Scott won't doubt Brady's talent on the field and the accolades he's accumulated, he doesn't think he's the toughest or coolest guy out there.

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"There's nothing tough about Tom Brady," Scott said on CBS Sports Radio, via WEEI. "The toughest thing about Tom Brady is his chin because it has the dimple in it, which is characteristic of most super heroes.

"Come on man, Tom Brady doesn't think he's tough. Gisele [Bundchen] doesn't think he's tough. Listen, I respect him, but he plays the game differently. No different from the way Peyton Manning plays it, but listen, certain guys -- Steve McNair, tough guy. He was a guy that could hang with anybody."

In addition to saying Brady's not tough, Scott would go on to rip the quarterback for his whiffed attempts as high-fives. Truthfully, it's something Brady's made famous, as embarrassing as that is.

"Listen, I respect Tom Brady, but when he does that he looks like a dork," Scott said. "How many times does he miss air high-fivers? He's missed celebrations because he's just awkward."

But that's not all. Brady's not just a dork to Scott -- he's also a corn ball, too.

"He's a corn ball. You've seen him dance, he's a corn ball," Scott continued. "It's fine, he's a cornball that was a sixth-round draft pick that became maybe the best quarterback in the history of football and he has a hot wife. He has a great life and he has a bunch of hardware. That's great. But, does that not make you a corn ball? No, he's still a corn ball. I'm sure his teammates tell him he's a corn ball. It's fine, there's nothing wrong with being a corn ball."

Corn ball or not, Brady has the hardware to overshadow his supposed dorkiness. He'll continue to break records and win Super Bowls, just as he's done throughout his career.