In the wake of Jacksonville's 51-17 loss to the New England Patriots last Sunday, head coach Gus Bradley said quarterback Blake Bortles needs to learn the importance of not making things overly complicated for himself and the offense.

With the Jaguars trailing 13-3 in the second quarter, Bortles overthrew tight end Marcedes Lewis resulting in an interception by Patriots safety Devin McCourty. New England scored on the ensuing position and what had been a manageable game soon got out of hand for the Jaguars.

"On offense, sometimes we take the simple things and make them more difficult than what they need to be," Bradley said, per the team's official website. "That's where we're at now offensively."

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Specifically, Bradley pointed to the second-year quarterback forcing the issue by trying getting the tight end involved, as opposed to reading what the defense was giving him.

"The lessons I think he's learning right now are to say, 'Although we make an emphasis (to) try to get the tight ends involved and take pressure off the offense you've still got to follow through with the progression,'" Bradley said.

"He needs not to make it as complicated as he wants to make it. Some of the reads, he's just got to trust his progression."

Bortles took responsibility for the turnover after the game.

"The last thing you can have in that situation is a turnover," Bortles said. "Bad play, bad throw. I had Marcedes running down with a linebacker trailing him and I just missed him. It was a bad throw, and you really can't have that."