With the team off to an 0-2 start to the season, Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton knows this unit hasn't lived up to expectations thus far, and he says the blame lies with him.

"We have not done our job," Hamilton said of team's offense, per the Indianapolis Star. "I have not put our guys in position to be successful and to put our guys in position to produce."

Among the issues facing the Colts is the fact the they are tied for the NFL lead in holding penalties with seven. Hamilton said he needs to do more to help the team recover from those setbacks.

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"I have to do a better job of, first off, doing whatever I can to keep us out of the extreme passing situations," Hamilton said. "We've had more first-and-20s, second-and-20s, a lot of long-yardage situations. Those situations are tough on any offensive unit, not just the offensive line. I have to find ways to make sure we're more efficient and more productive on first and second down."

Hamilton also said some of the fault for the holding penalties lies with him as well.

"In some cases (the holding) is just technique and fundamentals," Hamilton said. "At the same time -- I'll give you an example -- in the Buffalo game, that's a tough block for Khaled (Holmes) to have to block back on one of the better (defensive tackles) in the National Football League (Kyle Williams). So, I put him in a tough position.

"That goes back to awareness of those situations. Now that we have more data and more film to study with regard to who we're facing this Sunday, I think we'll have a better idea of exactly what to expect. You never know what you're going to get on gameday. But there shouldn't be as many unknowns."

The Colts will look for their first win of the season Sunday on the road against the Tennessee Titans.

(h/t Indianapolis Star)