Jason Pierre-Paul is doing everything in his power to leverage social media as a tool to prove his comeback is near. Last week, Pierre-Paul posted a video to Instagram showing him working on a speed and strength drill -- doubters immediately pointed out that he looked noticeably lean. On Tuesday, he responded with a new video showing him working on his bench press.

If our weight training experience has taught us anything, Pierre-Paul is likely bench-pressing 235 pounds of weight. He has two 45-pound plates on each side, a five-pound plate on each side and the bar in most cases weighs another 45 pounds. It's unclear whether or not Pierre-Paul is using the towel on his right hand because he has to or because he wants to avoid another flurry of comments about how his hand looks.

Pierre-Paul still has a long way to go before returning to the football field. The New York Giants won't take another look at him for at least another five weeks, and even then, a timetable on his return is not guaranteed.

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In his absence, the Giants have struggled to generate consistent pressure on the opposing quarterback through the first two weeks of the 2015 regular season. The Giants have opted to primarily use a rotation of Kerry Wynn and Cullen Jenkins at Pierre-Paul's right defensive end spot, and neither player has compiled a sack while lined up at the position.

(h/t JPP's Instagram)