Things have been fairly quiet on the Johnny Manziel front for a while now.

However, Johnny Football gave us a good laugh on Friday when he responded to harsh criticism from ESPN NFL analyst, Merrill Hoge.

Manziel was asked about Hoge's recent assessment of his Week 1 performance against the Jets in which Manziel relived injured starter Josh McCown.

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According to, Hoge said on Monday:

"He's so sloppy fundamentally. He was reckless at A&M, he's reckless in the NFL. He doesn't play in structure. He doesn't understand concepts and it was very evident in this game. Missed a lot of hots. If you go to the throw, why would the ball sail inside vs. outside. If you watch his footwork, because really the guy he's going to is the guy he should (go) to. It's man on man and you got the ball and it's third down. This is open in the NFL, but watch his footwork, watch how sloppy it is.

"He doesn't have a strong enough arm anyway, that's why the ball sails to the outside. Then the reckless aspect of it. He is protected across the board here. There is no reason to run. You know it's third and long, but you have a better shot throwing it within the structure and design of the play than you do in running. Even during the course of the game, do remember the one throw where (Brian) Hartline made a great catch, they blitzed him. He was supposed to throw it hot. The tight end was wide open and he runs.

"It's very elementary: he's not gotten better in two years.''

When Manziel repsonded to the harsh takedown on Friday, took the comments in stride, but made sure to get in a solid dig at Hoge's affinity for bizarre looking ties.

"I think Merril Hoge needs to worry about his big neck ties,'' said Manziel. "Talking about Merril, he's been that way since I decided to come out for the draft, so I guess that's part of it, but no extra motivation or extra bump for me or anything like that. It's just go out and play and quiet him with the way we go out and win on Sunday. That's what we want to do.''

Well played, Johnny.