Robert Griffin III wasn't dressed for his team's season opener. Earlier in the week, the Redskins had him playing scout team safety.

One NFL analyst thinks a a quarterback whisperer like Andy Reid could get more out of the Heisman winner than that.

"The team that makes the sense to me, in my opinion, would be -- this is total speculation -- I would say the Chiefs," NFL Media's Jeff Darlington told 560 WQAM in Miami.

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It's all purely speculation until the Redskins make a move to divest themselves of the bad RGIII investment. Then, 31 other teams can decide if the Baylor product is worth salvaging.

Reid could reclaim Griffin III like he once did with Michael Vick. So Darlington thinks Kansas City should take the plunge -- even with major dollars tied up in Alex Smith and backup Chase Daniel.

"They've got Alex Smith there now getting a little bit older," Darlington reasoned. "You bring RGIII in there and let him learn under Andy Reid, and kind of be the guy who falls into place behind Alex Smith."

Added Darlington: "They (the Chiefs) have some guys there, but to me that would be the best situation for him."

(h/t 560 WQAM in Miami)