Eli Manning blames himself for loss to Cowboys

In devastating fashion, the New York Giants blew a late fourth quarter six-point lead to lose to the Dallas Cowboys by one point. There were many factors that played into the Giants' collapse, but quarterback Eli Manning feels like he is the sole reason why the Giants lost.

Manning's clock management on the Giants' final drive has come into question. On a third down play from the Cowboys' 1-yard line, Manning threw the ball out of bounds instead of taking a sack. A sack would have ran another 40 second off the clock in a game where every second counted. Manning talked to beat reporter Ralph Vacchiano about the play after the game:

Manning's disappointment in his own clock management was not limited to the third down play alone. According to Manning, he was unaware that the Giants' declined penalty stopped the clock, and he thought that the Cowboys had one less remaining timeout than they actually did.

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After the discussed his clock management as a whole and individually on the game's final drive:

The Giants will need to find a way to put this devastating loss behind them and look ahead to their Week 2 opponent -- the Atlanta Falcons.