Klay Thompson's development into an All-Star and more efficient offensive players was a large reason the Golden State Warriors won 67 games and, eventually, an NBA championship.

For the Warriors to continue winning championships, Thompson doesn't need to take as big of a leap as he did last season, but they'd be more effective if he changed up his shot selection slightly.

One contemporary Thompson could learn from: Chicago Bulls forward Jimmy Butler.

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Thompson is an above-average shooter at every spot on the floor, so most of his shots aren't "bad" shots. However, he has a tendency to settle for mid-range jumpers in inefficient areas, and he'd be better suited just attacking the rim, where's he a surprisingly effective finisher, and trying to score or draw fouls like Butler.

Here's Jason Pratt of SB Nation with a realsitic approach on how Thompson can improve:

"It's unfair to expect Thompson to fully duplicate Butler's ability to get to the basket, just as it'd be unfair to expect Butler to fully duplicate Thompson's picture-perfect jumper. The Bulls guard has an advantage in strength and has a bevy of James Harden-esque tricks he uses to draw fouls.

The Warriors don't need Thompson to get to another level as a scorer and ball-handler, but the giant target that's bound to be on their backs this season, they could use all the help they can get.

(h/t SB Nation)