The Golden State Warriors won the 2014-15 NBA championship in Cleveland on a Tuesday night.

To celebrate, the Warriors had an afterparty at Morton's steakhouse, before making a players-only trip to Las Vegas and then having the eventual championship parade.

Warriors center Andrew Bogut recently spoke with GQ Australia, and revealed that Morton's wasn't the team's first choice for an afterparty and teammate David Lee ended up paying for the entire Vegas trip:

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"Andrew Bogut: We won on a Tuesday night. There was nothing on in Cleveland…we partied at a steakhouse until 5am. It was a Morton's, which is a chain restaurant over there. A few days later, after the parade back in Oakland, we took a 3 o'clock charter flight to Vegas. Players only.

"Neat. Who footed the bill?

"AB: David Lee. He was nice to do that. We could bring plus two or three -- I had a couple of Aussie mates tag along. It was the craziest party you'll ever see."

That's "taking one for the team" on a whole other level.

(h/t GQ Australia)