When sophomore Kyle Allen was named as the Aggies starting quarterback before the season even began, many assumed Kyler Murray would be riding the bench for much of the season. Kevin Sumlin had different plans in mind.

"We had a plan on playing Kyler that whole time," Sumlin said according to 247Sports.

While Murray played well in spots, his coach revealed the freshman was a bit shell shocked by the college game at first glance.

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"He ran out of time in the first half," Sumlin said. "It was a little bit different for him too. He was sitting there at halftime breathing as hard as he's ever breathed. He sat there and, breathing hard, said, 'Man, those guys are fast.'"

After relieving Allen after turning the ball over twice, Murray was injured in his first college game and Allen was inserted back into the lineup. The sophomore displayed great poise after hitting the bench and calmly lead the Aggies to two touchdown drives to seal the victory.

"The maturity level of Kyle Allen of how he handled the situation," Sumlin said. "I heard the word 'yanked.' We never yanked anybody. He knew he was going back in."

(h/t 247Sports)