When you think of the Georgia offense what do you think of? Most likely you go straight to their stable of running backs, including possibly the best player in the nation in sophomore Nick Chubb. After a ho-hum offensive game plan featuring a heavy dose of the run game used against Louisiana-Monroe, you would be spot on, however their players know they have more under the hood than they showed in their first game.

"I think we'll call plays as needed. I think if we don't need a specific play, there's no reason to call it to show other teams early," said receiver Malcolm Mitchell, according to the Athens Banner Herald.

Mark Richt chimed in on the offensive playcalling and speculated that the team will have a more balanced approach, as the team gets deeper into their schedule.

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"My guess is we'll be pretty balanced across the board throughout the year," Richt said. "I don't think it will be super-heavy run, although we have a lot of faith in our ability to run the ball, but we know you've got to throw and catch if you're going to win the types of games we're going to try to win here."

While senior standout offensive lineman John Theus is all for using the physical run game to dominate opponents, however he knows the team has others options as well.

"That physical style play is what we like and what we want," Theus said. "If we don't have to put ourselves in position to throw the ball, I'm all for it, but obviously Greyson (Lambert) showed he can throw the ball and we can throw it if we need to. Why fix something if it's not broken? If we're running the ball and it keeps working, hopefully (offensive coordinator) Schotty just keeps calling like it was. That's what wins games."

(h/t Athens Banner Herald)