New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese has a goal for the 2015 season--average 28 points per game on offense. According to Reese, the NFL's rules are tailored to offenses putting up big numbers on offense, and he wants the Giants to be one of those teams.

"If you don't score 28 points in this league, it's hard to win." Reese said to reporters, per Big Blue Interactive. "Those 14-10 games, there are not a lot of those games left around the National Football League in light of how the rules favor the offense mostly, how the rules are made now. So you have to score points. You have to take advantage of that, of the rules."

Reese isn't just making up a number out of thin air. Five of the final eight 2014 postseason teams averaged over 28 points per game. The Super Bowl champion New England Patriots averaged 29.3 points per game on the regular season.

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Based on the new additions on offense and the returning players, Reese believes that the Giants have a roster capable of putting up explosive 28-plus point games.

"You just think about last year, if you have Odell (Beckham Jr.) for 16 games and you have Victor Cruz for the entire season, you would think you could probably squeeze out a few more wins if you have those explosive-type players playing for the full season. Hopefully those guys, the offensive line, Eli (Manning)'s playing well, continue to grow from this offense, the tight end, Larry Donnell, stepped up in a big way last year and there are some more guys competing at that position. So I expect our offense to score points."

The Giants averaged 23.8 points per game in 2014, and they finished as the 13th-highest scoring team in the NFL. If the offensive line can hold up and avoid any further major injuries, the Giants could potentially reach their goal of becoming one of the NFL's elite offenses in 2015.

(h/t Big Blue Interactive