Chalmers cites crab dip after bad game

The Washington Wizards beat the Miami Heat 100-82 in a preseason game Tuesday night, and there's a case to be made that it was Mario Chalmers' fault.

LeBron James played an efficient 24 minutes (10 points, four rebounds, four assists) for the two-time defending champs, and found time to throw down a pair of back-to-back dunks:

Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade also contributed a combined 27 points and 13 rebounds in roughly the same amount of time, and Shane Battier made all five shots he took off the bench. Even Roger Mason Jr. played well, with 13 points and seven boards.

But Chalmers, the Heat's starting point guard, posted a goose egg from the field, missing all nine of his shot attempts, including seven 3s, in the loss. He even picked up five fouls and turned the ball over four times in just 21 minutes.

That kind of line makes Chalmers an easy target for criticism and a goat for those looking to place blame. But after the loss, he took to Twitter to explain his struggles -- and I've got to say, he presented a fair, if disgusting, defense:

Never again will I eat arena crab dip before the game. Stomach goin thru it right now

-- Mario Chalmers (@mchalmers15) October 16, 2013 Like I've always said, never trust the arena crab dip. Next time, just have a hot dog. The Heat's next preseason game is Thursday against the Nets.

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