Labor Unions

West Virginia union bosses panicking over right-to-work proposal

West Virginia labor bosses aren’t thrilled about the prospect of a right-to-work law that would stop them from taking mandatory union dues.

To drive down public opinion on right-to-work — 60 percent of West Virginians support right-to-work, and only 23 percent oppose it — union leaders are telling voters the law would have terrible consequences.

State legislators are “seeking to diminish those rights of West Virginia’s working people,” West Virginia AFL-CIO president Kenny Perdue said Sunday.

Right-to-work bills like the one Republicans in the West Virginia Legislature are expected to submit in January give workers the ability to choose whether to pay unions.

But the West Virginia AFL-CIO says right-to-work “is deeply controversial, confusing and would cost West Virginia families on average $5,000 a year.”

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