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Does Donald Trump really want to win the White House?

The Dispatch: Todd Starnes reacts to Donald Trump playing into the double standard set by the mainstream media


My readers have a question for Donald Trump: does he really want to win the White House? Does Donald Trump really want to win the White House?

It’s a legitimate question. Truth be told, the Trump campaign seems to be doing their best to drive people away from their cause.

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Let’s start with the recent front pages of the New York Post – featuring Melania Trump is various forms of buck-nakedness.

“They’re a celebration of the human body as art,” a Trump spokesman told CNN.

I’ve heard unconfirmed reports of Protestants nearly choking on their Communion wine after glancing at the Sunday cover photo featuring the bare naked lady – with her private parts covered by two bright stars.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump said he got a letter from the National Football League complaining about the presidential debate schedule. But the NFL says they did not send a letter.

Well, somebody is telling the truth and somebody is lying.

Trump also said he refused to meet with the Koch Brothers -- but the Koch Brothers say they are the ones who refused the meeting.

Again, somebody is telling the truth and somebody's lying.

And then there's that nasty business involving the Muslim Gold Star Family -- the family that attacked Trump at the Democratic National Convention.

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats exploited the Khan family -- using them as political pawns.

That speech was not meant to honor a fallen soldier. It was meant to attack Donald Trump.

The mainstream media praised the speech. And yet the week before -- the media attacked Republicans for allowing Pat Smith -- the mother of a Benghazi victim to speak.

And where was ABC's George Stephanopoulos when Hillary Clinton was bashing Mrs. Smith?

There is a clear and present double standard in the mainstream media -- and Mr. Trump walked right into their trap.

So here’s my advice to Mr. Trump -- just because you can respond to hateful attacks -- doesn't mean you should respond. Sometimes -- it's best to take the high road -- and say nothing.

So one more time -- does Donald Trump really want to win? If so, the Trump campaign needs to knock off the nonsense and get it together. The 2016 election is not about Donald Trump. It's about the American people.

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