• With: Neil Cavuto

    The czar is in.

    And now the real Ebola battle is on.

    And the guy Republican critics have been calling a hack before he even started his job, is now on the job.

    Ron Klain's assignment?

    Coordinate a far-flung government's response to Ebola.

    We'll soon see if Klain is up to that task.

    But I'm still getting deluged with emails and tweets for taking Republicans to task for not even giving him a shot.

    Remember this?


    Neil Cavuto: So the president's Ebola coordinator doesn't have any medical experience. Neither do a lot of you guys. But that hasn't stopped you from pontificating just the same.


    My point was and is focus on the things that matter not the cheap political shots that do not.

    But that didn't spare some of you from throwing some cheap shots of your own.

    Ellie in NYC.

    "You're the hack, Cavuto! Get off the air, you sanctimonious twit!"

    Andy, LA.

    "Spare us the speech, Ebola-head. Damn, are you ever full of yourself."

    Johnny T. via sbcglobal.

    "Take your meds, then take a hike."

    Tamara in Washington, D.C.

    "Klain's not up to the task, and frankly, neither are you, "Crap-uto"!

    So witty.

    P.L. in Huntsville, Ala.

    "You mentioned Bush's bird flu guy didn't have any medical experience, but you left out he did work for the health and Human Services administration."

    No, I didn't leave that out. In fact, I pointed to that government agency experience as being quite valuable, as is Mr. Klain's working knowledge of the levers of government today. It can only help in coordinating our government response to Ebola today.

    Lisa got that.

    "You're right, Neil all the best medical minds in the country screwed up our initial Ebola response...nothing wrong with going outside that petri dish with a guy who at least knows his way around Washington."

    Then there's this from Paula, who writes.

    "Obama's a communist, and all around him are idiots, and you hoisting any of them up only shows me you are clueless..."

    But at least Stan via AOL tries to step back a bit.

    Stan via AOL

    "I just think you had an off night. You're usually reasoned and likable...so I'll give you a mulligan for being briefly idiotic. How's that?"

    Then there's this from self-proclaimed liberal and proud of it, dottie in New Rochelle, N.Y.

    "Finally a voice of reason from the land of the unreasonable, but you're still an imbecile, Cavuto. Just wanted you to know. Nothing changes that."

    Zan via AOL.

    "I admire your call for reason, Neil, but these are unreasonable times. Maybe it would have been better if you simply resigned in protest to pound your point, instead of reading the next line in the prompter and throwing to commercial."

    Obviously, my remarks didn't sit well with some of you. But my shout-outS on cheap shots still stands. Because it's gotta' stop.

    It's bad when Republicans do it.

    It's bad when Democrats do it.