• With: Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

    But I do know what he said over and over again, is that he doesn't intend to run as a third party. And it's very difficult in this country to get attention. He's gotten a lot of attention working through the two-party attention. And he's gotten a lot of people involved.

    The chairman of Iowa now was Ron Paul's campaign chairman. The chairman of Nevada was a Ron Paul campaign person. We’ve won several states and are influencing the party and becoming the Republican Party. So I think that’s where our influence will be.

    CAVUTO: When you say you won -- wait a minute, when you say you won several -- he didn't win any states.

    PAUL: Well, interestingly, he just won the delegation in Maine.

    They I think control the state chairmanship in Maine, the state chairmanship in Iowa, state chairmanship in Nevada. Some of these people are obligated to vote on the first time for Romney. Some of them are not. So I'm not sure how many states he actually will win, but he will win several states.

    CAVUTO: Interesting.

    All right, Senator, good seeing you again. Thank you very much.

    PAUL: Good seeing you.

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