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    O'REILLY: In "Back of the Book" segment tonight, the "Kelly File." We begin with a story we covered last night. A Wisconsin teacher, with the help of the teachers' union, being reinstated to his job, given 200,000 in back pay.


    Forty-seven-year-old, Andrew Harris, fired from the Glacier Creek Middle School for looking at porn material on campus, campus. He also shared the material on school computers.


    Very nice. And here, with her view of this, the Anchor of "The Kelly File," seen right after THE FACTOR, Ms. Megyn.

    I think this is so appalling, you know. We had a lively debate last night with Powers who reads from the mail and all that, she goes, "Oh, it's an overreaction to fire the guy."


    O'REILLY: Yes, yes. And I got mail supporting that position. So, we're living in a very strange time now --

    KELLY: Right.

    O'REILLY: -- where a teacher -- not at home, you know. We're not talking about a home --

    KELLY: No.

    O'REILLY: -- or at the YMCA.

    KELLY: During school hours, he's sitting there, dozen -- dozens of times --

    O'REILLY: Yes.

    KELLY: -- that he admitted, too. They came from his sister. His sister is e-mailing triple X porn --


    -- and he's writing back, "thanks" to his sister over the years, while he's teaching seventh grade Science during school hours. And this is not - -


    -- not that it's relevant, but it's not like soft core stuff. I mean, it's triple X. Disgusting.

    O'REILLY: And he's sending it out to other people.

    KELLY: And --

    O'REILLY: So, he's like the nexus.

    KELLY: You tell me. He's sitting there with your seventh grader, and you're OK if he's looking at this stuff and then interacting with your child? Something is wrong with that.

    O'REILLY: All right. So, you agree with me on this, OK.

    KELLY: Yes. I think he's a disgusting pervert and he shouldn't be anywhere near children.

    O'REILLY: All right, leave him aside.

    KELLY: And it's not because he looks at porn. A lot of people look at porn. You don't do it around 11-year-olds --


    KELLY: -- where you're supposed to be teaching them Science.

    O'REILLY: But here's the deal. So, this guy takes it to the union -- the teachers' union.


    And the union racks up almost a million dollars in legal fees, trying to get him back, wins, --

    KELLY: They win.


    O'REILLY: -- wins because, Wisconsin, I don't know what's going on out there. And he gets $200,000 in back pay.

    KELLY: Yes.

    O'REILLY: And then they're celebrating like they did something good.

    KELLY: But it's not even about the money. The school district will have to pay the money, and that's unfortunate. He's going to go teach another seventh grade Science class.