• But nevertheless, I think there is a concern that the administration is doing a lot of this stuff like the Sandra Fluke calls and they are doing "Let's Move" and they are doing cool campaign stops with celebrities.

    But when it comes to an oil and gas policy that makes sense for people, I don't think that's... that's working with the voters.

    CROWLEY: Yes.

    INGRAHAM: I'm trying to look at this not as a conservative but as, you know, person out there who is trying to fill up his tank or her tank every week and... and like maybe it's not all his fault but he can do a little bit more here.

    CROWLEY: Well and over the last couple of years, Laura, he's actually taken deliberate steps to get us to this place right now. He has blocked drilling. He has blocked exploration. He has slow walked permitting and of course, recently he blocked the Keystone Pipeline. That's why people are holding him accountable.

    Look presidents get the bulk of the criticism on the economy, gas prices, even when they don't deserve it and they get the credit when they don't deserve it. But in this case because Obama has spent years waging a real war on fossil fuels and the oil and the natural gas industry, that's why most of the American people are going you know what; why am I paying $4 dollars a gallon?

    You know what somebody who works in my building in New York a maintenance guy nice as he can be Laura said to me the other day, these gas prices are killing me I can't even afford to make ends meet every week anymore.

    INGRAHAM: All right.

    CROWLEY: The American people are really hurting and they are holding the President accountable as they should.

    COLMES: He actually expanded drilling though. He's not reduced drilling. He's actually expanding the drilling.

    INGRAHAM: Permitting has been a disaster.

    CROWLEY: No, in public lands, no.

    COLMES: He's expanded drilling in general. There's more drilling going on now than in the Bush administration.

    INGRAHAM: Actually, Alan if you look closely at the latest White House picture there is a drilling rig right on the front lawn of the White House.

    COLMES: Yes, that's right.

    CROWLEY: That would actually help him, Laura.

    INGRAHAM: Yes, that would help. Monica and Alan great to see you both.

    COLMES: Thank you.

    CROWLEY: You too thanks.

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