• By Bill O'Reilly

    On Wednesday in New York City there was another far-left demonstration as a bunch of people marched on Wall Street. Why? We aren't exactly sure.

    What we do know is that these folks are zealots who are being organized by some very interesting people. Does the name MoveOn.org mean anything to you? How about George Soros? Well, for the first time MoveOn, funded in part by Soros, has openly allied itself with the protesters.

    In addition, we have some unions in the mix: the United Auto Workers, the United Federation of Teachers and, of course, the always reliable SEIU. Of course not all workers in those unions support bringing down capitalism. They don't. But their leadership is certainly sympathetic to the demonstrators.

    But again, what do these people want?

    The common thread seems to be "income equality." Groups like the Working Families Party and the Strong Economy for All Coalition are basically socialistic outfits. They want the government to take money away from the affluent and give it to them, a nice deal if you can get it. And you can get it in places like Cuba and Zimbabwe.

    The big money behind these protesters, Soros, he doesn't want socialism. Soros is the biggest capitalist on the planet. He wants power and these groups are using the far-left zealots to try to achieve that.

    On Wednesday the protesters issued a statement: "[We want to] voice our belief that the American dream will live again, that the American way is to help one another succeed. Our voice, our values, will be heard."

    The key phrase there is "to help one another succeed." But these people are not asking for voluntary help. They want to take stuff by force if necessary.

    It is true the far-left is very disappointed with President Obama because he has not been radical enough. Mr. Obama rightly knows the vast majority of Americans do not want socialism, and while some of his programs are designed to redistribute income, the president knows he would be politically doomed if he threw in with these hard-core radicals.

    In the end, these protesters don't mean very much. America is a great country. If you want to be a far-left zealot, you can be. If you want to demonstrate against capitalism, knock yourself out. Just don't hurt anybody.

    Finally, these protests remind me of the late 1960s when the power to the people movement was at its apex. Eventually many of those Woodstock-era protesters turned into ardent capitalists. Just ask anybody on Wall Street.

    And that's "The Memo."

    Pinheads & Patriots

    There is a famine in the African nation of Somalia, and a bunch of celebrities have joined together to try to raise money to give food to those who are starving. Among the participants are Mike Huckabee and George Clooney. Talk about strange bedfellows. The hook on the promotion is that all the people involved are using the F-word.



    BONO, MUSICIAN: Famine is the real obscenity.




    GEORGE CLOONEY, ACTOR: Thirty thousand children have died in just three months.

    BONO: Thirty thousand children.

    KRISTIN DAVIS, ACTRESS: In just three months.

    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The worst drought in 60 years.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Devastating the heart of Africa.

    MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG, NEW YORK CITY: Drought is an act of nature.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Famine is manmade.

    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Famine is manmade.

    UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Go to One.org.



    He says that to me in the car all the time, but it isn't the famine. It's just the "F" word. That's not true.

    Now, we have a BillOReilly.com poll on this. Is that promotion pinheaded or patriotic? You can vote, and we'll give you the results on Monday.

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