• GINGRICH: Notice I talked about jobs. I talked about the price of gasoline. I talked about all sorts of real problems for real Americans.

    VAN SUSTEREN: And I brought this one up and I brought this up.

    GINGRICH: In presidential campaign, we could talk -- we could bring out and I think it sort of fit in perfectly. And my answer to you is: I'm not commenting on stuff like that. I'm perfectly happy to talk about what we need to do for America and what we need to do help Americans. But I frankly don't want to play the gotcha games in Washington and I'm just not going to participate.

    VAN SUSTEREN: (INAUDIBLE) gotcha -- I can't figure out why this is out there in a little bit. So, I mean, it piqued my curiosity.


    GINGRICH: It's out there because people bring it up.

    VAN SUSTEREN: And I'm bringing it up because I think it sort of, I don't - - you know, whatever. I guess others will chase it down and figure it out. I can't figure it out, but I brought it up and whatever.

    GINGRICH: Part of running for president is that everything you ever did, every person you ever knew, name it -- sooner or later somebody somewhere is going to run across it. You know, and it will show up. I just decided, if it doesn't relate to a better future for America, if it doesn't relate to helping the American people, if it doesn't relate to solving our problems, from here on out, my answer is going to be I'm not commenting on it and then people can decide if you want to play Trivial Pursuit -- that's fine. But I'm going to play trivial pursuit. I'm going to try to help this country get back on track.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Mr. Speaker, thank you, sir. And I'd love to come out to Iowa and follow you around. If indeed you'll let me -- anyway, after asking the question about Tiffany's.

    GINGRICH: It's not quite -- it's not quite North Korea, but come and see what it's like in the Midwest, OK?

    VAN SUSTEREN: I'm from Wisconsin, I know. It's a great place. I love it. I like every chance I get to get out there.

    Anyway, Mr. Speaker, thank you, sir.

    GINGRICH: Thanks.