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    GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: This is a "FOX News Alert." According to reports tonight, former president Bill Clinton tried just last week to convince Democratic congressman Kendrick Meek to drop out of Florida Senate race and endorse Governor Crist, who is running as an Independent. The report says Congressman Meek promised Clinton he would quit, but eventually decided against it, and that the White House knew about the plan. The people who want Meek to drop out believe Democratic voters would end up voting for independent congressman Governor Crist, leaving him to defeat Tea Party favorite Republican Marco Rubio.

    Kendrick Meek addressed the rumors moments ago.


    REP. KENDRICK MEEK, D-FLA., SENATE CANDIDATE: Any rumor or statement by anyone that says that I made a decision to get out of the race is inaccurate, at best. At best, it's inaccurate. And I think it's very, very important that everyone understands that.


    VAN SUSTEREN: So what happened? We just spoke with Governor Charlie Crist moments ago.


    VAN SUSTEREN: Governor, nice to see you, sir.

    GOV. CHARLIE CRIST, I-FLA., SENATE CANDIDATE: Good to see you, Greta. How are you tonight?

    VAN SUSTEREN: I'm very well. Governor, we seem to have dueling statements -- sort of dueling statements, and it's all about this story about whether or not President Clinton was putting pressure on Kendrick Meek to drop out of the race and essentially cede his vote to you as the independent running for governor. Do you know if that was happening?

    CRIST: I do know that it was happening. We had several discussions and conversations with people very close to the former president, and it was in play.

    VAN SUSTEREN: When you say people close to the former president, how close? Who are they?

    CRIST: Very close. You know, I don't know that I should reveal, you know, private conversations I had with people that were President Clinton's very close associates. But I can attest to you that those conversations did take place. They began approximately a week ago, a little over a week ago.

    And there were discussions about the fact that the congressman had agreed to do so and do what was right in, I guess, the president's opinion, for the people of Florida and the people of America and stop a right-wing radical, if you will, from getting elected to the U.S. Senate by uniting together for a common sense consensus that (INAUDIBLE) common sense Democrats, Republicans and independents, about 60 percent of them, according to polling, if you believe it, in Florida, do not support Mr. Rubio and want to make sure that we have a United States senator that does not want to overturn Roe versus Wade, that does support stem cell research that will help people with Alzheimer's and cancer and heart disease and other maladies that might be difficult, and doesn't want to tinker with Social Security, as Mr. Rubio says he wants to do.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Governor -- Governor, Politico says that Doug Band, at least is talking to -- who's an aide to President Clinton, was talking to Kendrick Meek, Congressman Meek, so I assume that he was also -- it says it suggests he was also talking to you. Did you speak -- did you speak to President Clinton at all?

    CRIST: No, I spoke to Mr. Band.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Did you speak to anybody at the White House?

    CRIST: Yes, I did, subsequent to...

    VAN SUSTEREN: Who did you speak...

    CRIST: ... conversations with those close to Mr. Clinton, President Clinton.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Who did you speak to at the White House?

    CRIST: I'm sorry?

    VAN SUSTEREN: Who did you speak to at the White House?

    CRIST: There were several people that I spoke with. Again...

    VAN SUSTEREN: But "several" is a rather vague...

    CRIST: ... there were several people I spoke with.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Several...

    CRIST: Again, I don't think it's appropriate for me to...

    VAN SUSTEREN: I'm not -- I'm not suggesting any wrongdoing, I'm just trying to get out the information. I mean, I'm trying -- I mean, it's an interesting political story. I mean, you are the independent running. You -- combined vote with Kendrick Meek, you probably would beat candidate Marco Rubio. You've got the former president, and now you've got someone speaking to the White House and you- and so obviously, it's a very important story, and you won't tell us who you spoke to at the White House. So now we've got all this sort of innuendo and suspicion. If you just sort of lay it out -- no one said anyone's done anything wrong, so who did you talk to?

    CRIST: Somebody at the White House I did have a conversation with, as well as Mr. Band, who's very close to President Clinton. And this happened. And I think the real issue...

    VAN SUSTEREN: Did you speak to David -- did you speak to Mr. Axelrod?

    CRIST: ... is do Floridians want somebody...

    VAN SUSTEREN: Let me just throw out some names. Did you speak to Mr. Axelrod?

    CRIST: Did not, no. No.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Mr. Plouffe?

    CRIST: No, I did not, Greta.

    VAN SUSTEREN: OK. I mean, like, either -- I mean...

    CRIST: Greta, what I think is important to note is that, you know -- go ahead. I'm sorry.