• But what we have to keep in mind with our foreign policy is remember what Ronald Reagan did. His foreign policy was summed up in four words -- We win, they lose. And he did that by not backing down, by not compromising, by strengthening our military and making it once again that the threat of military action, U.S. military action, had some teeth to it. Right now, it doesn't, and that's tragic!

    What we need to do is not just strengthen our military but strengthen our economy again, too, because we owe so much of our debt to foreign nations that even Secretary Clinton said that it's beginning to impact the decisions we can make in foreign policy. So it's a whole ball of wax that we have to tackle. We have to strengthen our military, but we have to strengthen our homeland, as well. We have to get back on track economically so that we are a strong superpower once again.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Is there a Democrat who you admire? A politician.

    O'DONNELL: Hillary Clinton! I've gotten a lot of flak from Republicans for saying that I admire Hillary Clinton. I'm not saying I endorse all of her policies. But she's a strong woman operating in a man's world. She's the secretary -- I mean, she's -- she was a great senator. And I think she's holding her own and she's doing it well, and she's gotten a lot of criticism that critics wouldn't give to men. So I admire her for that.

    VAN SUSTEREN: You think that media is harder on women?

    O'DONNELL: I absolutely think media is harder on women!


    VAN SUSTEREN: What makes you say that? What makes you say that?

    O'DONNELL: Well, for one, Gloria Steinem said that, you know, there's the -- I forget what she called it, but basically, reciprocity. Would they attack a man? Would they say the things about a man that they're saying about a certain female? And I think, across the board, you know, there's a lot of discrimination that goes on, especially with women in politics, where we're under -- we're held to a different standard and they're talking about things that they wouldn't talk about for women.

    I talked about that on your network several times during the 2008 presidential campaigns, that they talked about Hillary Clinton's hair or what she wore during the debates. But then they talked about what the other candidates said. And so there's a -- there is definitely a double standard.


    VAN SUSTEREN: So who is the Republican Christine O'Donnell most admires? Well, you have to wait until next week to find out. We have much more of our interview coming soon.