• With: John Sununu, Former N.H. Governor

    VAN SUSTEREN: Hypothetically, is it ever OK for the president to -- are there any circumstances where a president should lie to the American people, or it's OK to lie to the American people, or it's, you know, good to lie to the American people?

    SUNUNU: Well, the right answer to that is I should lie to you and say no.


    VAN SUSTEREN: OK, how about telling me the truth? I mean, like -- I'm just trying -- you know, for the life of me...

    SUNUNU: Look, Greta, of course...

    VAN SUSTEREN: ... I can't figure out why they...


    VAN SUSTEREN: ... the YouTube video!

    SUNUNU: Sure. If you ask a president a direct question in which if he gives you an absolutely honest answer, it jeopardizes the national security of the United States, I think he ought to give you an evasive answer.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Any thought about -- I mean, and it was so unusual that a U.N. ambassador, Susan Rice, got sent out, got -- it almost looked like they sent her out, like -- they hung her out to dry. They -- they sent her out to the five Sunday shows to look the most foolish.

    SUNUNU: And then the president goes out himself to the U.N. to say video, video, video, video, video! He hung himself out to dry! That's what's so -- and this is after his -- his press secretary said that it is obvious that it was an act of terrorism. There's no rationality to this White House!

    VAN SUSTEREN: Governor, thank you, sir.

    SUNUNU: Thank you.