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  • May 03, 2016

    One of your guests just said it is a fact that Trump goes after women just because they are women. She cited Trump's comments to and about Megyn Kelly and Hillary Clinton. How absurd. In both cases, the alleged targets of Mr. Trump's comments initiated the gender-based discourse. Trump merely responded. But in today's world, many women want to dish it out but not receive the response.

    - Tom
  • May 03, 2016

    I am not seeing how your panelists think Cruz was trying to get attention when he named Carly as his vice president. What I see is that he is providing voters more information about who else we are voting for if we choose to vote for him. I believe that to be a wise decision.

    - Sherral
    from Armadillo

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April 20, 2016

Where were all these people now outraged about the rules when Ron Paul was getting screwed over at the convention? There was only passing media coverage on that. Four years late on the outrage, guys.

- Ryan M.
from Colorado
April 13, 2016

Why are you covering a book on the sex lives of military commanders? I expect more than tabloid-like distractions from you.

- @CaseyBHead
from via Twitter
April 05, 2016

Let me see if I get this right, a man protects the personal space of a presidential candidate and his protector is condemned on your show? Frank Luntz now predicts Donald Trump will lose after the ridicule on SNL. So now SNL is the moral authority driving political analysts? Conclusion: Someone, or better yet, all the people including you on your show this morning are freaking crazy.

- Jerry Carpenter
March 31, 2016

Today on Easter Sunday at 11 a.m., Howard on "MediaBuzz" chose to discuss the Trump/Cruz wife battle, including broadcasting the nude photo of Melania Trump. I think Fox and other media outlets need to start taking responsibility for what they broadcast. It's the media that's the problem perpetuating this nonsense. It's also one of the reasons Americans are angry. Stop it! Does "MediaBuzz" and Fox not have enough news to cover to keep bringing up this issue? Now it's just offensive and it's Fox's fault.

- Cheryl G.
from New York
March 22, 2016

I just saw you're piece on the politicians who bash others and then get in bed with them as they praise them. This is exactly what disgusts people about liar politicians. Please don't say oh, that's just politics. No that's lying either in the bashing or in the praise. Both can't be true...

- Tony D.
March 15, 2016

In your interview with Trump, he doubled down on the libel bit saying he would change the law... why, oh why did you NOT quote the Constitution and First Amendment, etc. to him re: "freedom of the press" and ask him about that little detail?

- Sam P.
March 08, 2016

On your Sunday show how can you state that it was in bad taste for Donald Trump to make an innuendo about his anatomy during the debate (although he never mentioned anything directly), but the media doesn't even mention that Marco Rubio started this line of discussion by implying something was amiss with Donald Trump during one of his campaign speeches?

- Mary H
March 01, 2016

Many in the media scoff at the idea that they are in the bag for Trump or at least for his ratings. However, nearly every rally, press conference, even tweet is covered in full and for free. They may show 60 seconds of Rubio or Kasich but then 30 min of a Trump rally. Then they are shocked at how much the others spend and how little Trump does. I'm not a media marketing guy but over the last six months he must have received $100M in free coverage. I'm not a conspiracy theorist but this has become ridiculous

- Tony
from Ohio