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  • February 09, 2017

    I wanted to send an email about your segment with Kellyanne. She should have her own news show so we can learn the POSITIVE news about President Trump! She was 100% on point about the news media about cherry-picking which stories they spin and "report." I know most of the news I read or hear is probably untrue or twisted into some negative story.

    - Susan Huey
  • February 09, 2017

    Ms. Conway is absolutely correct in stating the media cherry-picks news coverage. The media constantly focuses on covering all of those crybabies who are parading around out there because they are not getting their way. That's exactly what they are, a bunch of crybabies! Why isn't the media giving equal time to the enormous amount of people who are totally behind President Trump and what he is doing to make all Americans safe?

    - Sharon B.
    from Pennsylvania
  • February 09, 2017

    It seems that the media bias goes on with Tom Brady not wanting to get involved with his friendship with President Trump. They make it to support Trump in any way is a bad thing. Is that not bias?

    - David Chiaramante

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February 02, 2017

I must say I enjoy your show because of your fair critique of the media, and today was no different. There is a huge divide in our nation today, in part caused by press coverage of news events. I do think it’s because the media no longer covers and reports the news, but rather has become part of it, and tries to influence who receives it. I suspect this is even being caused by what is being taught in journalism school.

- Steve Ciardelli
from Burlington, VT
January 26, 2017

Most of the people we know are just shutting off the news. We don't believe anything you say. You live in New York or DC and you don't understand what is happening to us here in the middle. Start getting out to our areas of the country and produce your news programs here. Maybe you will step in some cow poo but you will see why we love President Trump.

- LeAnn Maskrid
from Valley Center, Kansas
January 20, 2017

Your guest today made a good point about CNN people going in the wee hours of the morning and putting reserved signs on 8 front row seats and your snarky answer (with an equal snarky smile) was "everyone wants a good seat" and his surprised reaction was the same as mine, EIGHT? Look at the tape and see the smart a-- look on your face. I notice your same attitude when you are a guest on other Fox programs. You are no better than the other elite reporters you are always talking about. Cleanup your attitude!

- David Bardolf
December 23, 2016

You seem to say that our people will be missing essential information if the news briefings are altered... personally, I think it has been rather unsuccessful in the past eight years in spectacular ways. I would not find it a stretch to believe that the reporters were handpicked and that even the questions were often reviewed before the conference. Pablum soft and misdirection. Which is one reason Trump resonates. He answers the question.

- Iralyn Snyder
December 16, 2016

I don't want to hear about fake news until you go after CNN and others that promote "hands up, don't shoot" a big time lie that has gotten people killed and I hear no big deal about that from you or anyone else. The mainstream and CNN promote more fake news than anyone. You play the stooge way too often.

- James J.
from California
December 06, 2016

I think Trump completely understands the press and realizes tweeting and YouTube is a way to get his message out directly and unfiltered, sort of like the old fireside chats of FDR. Even the tweet about millions of illegal voters, many found so outrageous, may have been done to highlight the fact that in many states, getting driver's license automatically put you on the voter rolls. A system open for abuse.

- Steve Ciardelli
from Burlington, Vermont
November 30, 2016

I've been a big NFL fan for over 50 plus years (I'm 61). I'm boycotting watching even one game this season - and for however long it takes - until the overpaid do nothing commissioner sets a policy of total respect for the flag and the Star Spangled Banner. And enforces it. First Amendment my butt. Not on this one. The overpaid babies like the SF QB need to find another forum to whine about the nation that's made them multimillionaires and famous.

- Phil Brown
from Oklahoma
November 22, 2016

Using fake news stories to justify censorship is a very dangerous slippery slope. We have survived the National Enquirer et al and headlines that read "Barack Obama, kidnapped by aliens, is now pregnant" or some other such nonsense, not always so obvious. Some of us laugh, some are disgusted and believe it or not, there are probably a few who think it is true. Trust people, no censorship.

- Marie H.
from New York